Specialty Floor Coating

Specialty Coatings for Commercial Floors

Turn Those Worn Floors into a Work of Art It’s great to get a lot of traffic in your commercial business. However, with much traffic comes much scuffing and marring of your beautiful floors. We offer specialty coatings for commercial floors that will help to alleviate this problem. Below, you will see one of my […]

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Termite and Wood Rot

Termite Damage? Rotting Wood? We Can Help! It happens. And, when it happens you need to call someone who can not only find the problem – all of it – but someone who can solve the problem. The termite control man can put poison in the ground to dissuade the pests, but when they do […]

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Renovating After a Fire

Fire or Smoke Damage? Sometimes the worst happens – you have a fire that burns all or part of a room. The odor, the black charred ruins of your beautiful home, the loss – it can be overwhelming when you don’t know to turn. We can help. Our experienced construction workers will quickly get your […]

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